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Indoor sculptures and what they have to offer

When you hear and see water interacting with the sculpture? You would probably picture a water fountain out in a garden, compound space or even in public spaces. However, water sculptures don’t always have to be outside. Just like other works of art, water sculptures can also be designed for indoors. The result is a brilliant form with sound and movement that never ceases to attract.

Here, we present some of the intriguing benefits of indoor sculptures and water.

  • Improved ambience

Who doesn’t love the sound of slow and trickling water? Imagine this in your living room or bedroom. Compared to fountains, these sculptures are one of a kind, made to create a dialogue between the hard rock material and its companion, water. These artworks create a rhythm and easing sound that enchant the environment of any room where they are placed. They also make the room relaxing and comfortable.

  • Better air quality

When you are close to a moving body of water, you can detect a change in the quality of the atmosphere. This is a result of the evaporating water surround. With a river rock sculpture that contours moving water, you will improve the quality of the air you breathe in a room.

  • Great overall design … custom-made for your spaces.. or needs..

Salgado’s river rock sculptures are impressive works of art. Placed in an intimate space; bathroom, living room, or kitchen, there is an accent of quality and grace. Sometimes, a water sculpture will be the piece that makes your room a masterpiece.

  • Moisture in dry weather

In the winter, everything tends to dry up easily which may sometimes affect your skin and also your health. Indoor water sculptures can help humidify your home during the winter. With the continuous flowing water, your home can remain humid enough to sustain your fresh well being.

  • Stress relief

After a day’s work, you should take some time to relax and restore your energy. An indoor water sculpture helps to relieve your stress by offering an environment perfect for relaxing and napping. The gentle trickle of water has its calming effects to help you sleep better.

  • Low maintenance

Indoor design can be quite expensive and so is its maintenance. However, in the case of indoor water sculptures, little maintenance is needed. The water used is recycling so you only add water from time to time. You can call it a design that renews itself.


Salgado´s water sculptures offer a unique way to enhance your home. If you haven’t experienced one yet, then you don't know what you are missing. Take the opportunity to make your basic home into an unexpected living force.

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